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Development Process
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What content would you like to appear to app menus? We suggest a price list, service list, menu or other useful information.

Where can we find this information? If you have a file you may upload it in a moment.

What would you like to call your app?

App Features

Please select the features below that you feel you may use- your selections may be changed during the design process.

Image gallery
Bookings / Requests
Address is required for bookings
Bookings must state number of people
Book using existing online booking
Show an online shop / store
Show an other site
Multiple venues within one app
Online shop / store URL

Other URL

Anything not mentioned here?

Promotions, Loyalty and Vouchers

Your app will be a powerful marketing tool, several options exist to incentivise your users. Tell us what you would like to offer. A welcome voucher - is giving to users who are referred by others.

A referral voucher - is giving to users who are refer X number of people.

Number of people referred to trigger voucher?

A check-in or loyalty voucher - is giving to users who scan a code you provide upon a sale

Style Preferences

Use this section to tell to help our design something you will love.

Do you want the app design to be based on your website or printed material you provide?

Do you like your current website?

Do you have existing branding (in premises or elsewhere?) that you would like us to match?

Do you have any color preference, or any existing colors you'd like to use?

Do you have a logo you would like us to incorporate - do you like your logo?

Are there any apps, websites, or products that you love the design of?

What is the primary demographic that will be using your app?

Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?